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Ka’ili Yoni Shower Gel + more


The Dreamy Yoni Bar is sold separately from this listing.

The Ka’ili Yoni Gel is crafted with ingredients that are known to help support overall vaginal health. Made with real natural ingredients, healing herbs, lavender and oregano, perfect for balancing a woman's natural PH. This soap is a natural detox, balances your natural PH, cleanses and tightens your yoni, eliminates and prevents unwanted bacteria causing BV, yeast and urinary infections, reduces itching and Inflammation, natural antibiotic, natural skin brightener, and can help with painful long or heavy menstrual cycles.

The Ka’ili Yoni Oil is also a new product paired with the Yoni Shower Gel. Perfect to follow up the Shower Gel or to use with your favorite body care routine. Made with all natural herbs like calendula, roses & lavender buds and infused with grapeseed oil, oregano, lavender, tea tree & more! This oil will help hydrate, soothe & heal the outer vagina area & leave you feeling brand new! all benefits for the shower gel apply to this amazing oil. for external use only! a gentle massage of your vagina area with this oil nightly will help alleviate many ailments & give you a better sleep!

The Ka’ili Yoni Bath Soak is a new product that will heal & cleanse your yoni one bath at a time. Made with all natural bath salt, herbs like raspberry leaf, calendula, lavender, yarrow, & more! Guaranteed to help heal ailments like BV, yeast infections, odor, menstrual pain, insomnia, anxiety & more!

The Ka'ili Foaming Yoni Scrub is a limited release that will restock as it becomes available. Made with organic shea butter, poppy seeds, organic cane sugar, cold-pressed grapeseed oil, peppermint, oregano, and clary sage. A gentle and exfoliating scrub that doubles as a whipped soap and moisturizes your entire body.

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