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Ka'ili Dream Skin Oil

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  • Ka'ili Dream Skin Oil

The Ka’ili Dream Skin Oil is essential to any skincare routine as well as a daily hydrating oil. Made with carrier and essential oils that help heal acne, reduce blackheads, soothe inflammation, dark marks and acne scars.

This oil will also help heal any negative skin reactions from wearing masks.

This product also doubles as a full body oil, foot moisturizer, scalp oil, and cuticle oil. The Dream Skin Oil works best when used in a full routine, after a toner or exfoliation followed by a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Base Ingredients:
-100% Grapeseed oil
-Rosehip seed oil
-Lemon oil
and more natural essential oils!

This contains lemon essential oil so please consider using with a sunscreen, lemon makes your skin sensitive to the sun.